Monday, May 30, 2011

Lets face it....we are long overdue for an update. Below you will see many pictures of the garden(s) and the variety of fruits and vegetables that we have growing. Things are growing well and we have been enjoying the fruits of our (well…mostly Jeremy's) labor.

Garden Bed#1, South Side

Garden Bed #1, East Side

Purple Beans from Bean Bush, Garden Bed#1

Green Beans from Bean Bush, Garden Bed#1



Bell Pepper, Garden Bed #1

Strawberries, Garden Bed#1
Garden Bed#2

Lemon Cucumber, Garden Bed#2

Squash, Garden Bed #2

Lettuce, Garden Cart

Swiss Chard, Garden Cart

Water Melon, 5 Gallon Bucket

Tomato, unknown. We found it growing in our compost.
Garden Bed #2

We do not just want to provide you with updates on our garden but to share our success and failures in hopes that it will encourage you to start a garden or provide helpful information as YOU garden. We will start providing recipes for preparing the food that is grown, resources that have helped us to get started and new ideas that that we are considering.  So, if you have questions ask them, if you have ideas share them….we’re in this together.  We want this be as interactive as possible.

Until next time…..