Saturday, June 1, 2013

More beans

Just harvested some beans to eat with some friends. 4 varieties of pole beans. 
Kentucky Blue
Chinese Mosaic
Chinese Red Noodle
Red Seeded Asparagus 
This is my first season growing pole beans. I grew bush beans previously to save space. I have read that pole bean plants produce over a longer period so I dedicated some trellis space to give them a try. I wanted to try multiple varieties to see which ones could handle the Fresno heat and still taste good. We'll see, another heat spell going on right now...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Serviceberry plant

This is my serviceberry plant purchased at Gazebo Gardens in Fresno. They only had 4 serviceberry plants, 2 named Smokey and two unnamed seedlings. I could only get 1 at the time. They are supposedly like blueberries so I think having 2 different varieties would improve yields. Blooms are nice.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheap Trees and Shrubs

A friend told me that Grocery Outlet had some cheap berries. I thought to myself, they probably have one variety of a few different types, so I never looked... Then I found myself there trying to exchange a propane tank and saw that they had some pretty good stuff. The plants are young but they seem healthy. I found a pomegranate that I have been wanting called "Parfianca" and it is supposedly the best tasting of them all. I was very surprised to see it. They had lots of things I wanted to try but I only bought this. I wanted to check out if it was a legit nursery. We will see, but not for a couple years.