Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Transplanting Beets to the Salad Cart

I was wanting to eat my existing beet leaves in salad but was afraid that it might delay the root development.  About a month ago, I threw a bunch of beet seeds into a bucket knowing that I would be able to transfer them into my salard cart.  Last night, I made the transfer.  I was told by the nursery that you should always grow beets from seed because they don't transplant well due to their long tap root.  I think I got to them before the roots got too long, although some were about 5" on those little sprouts.

I took 35 beet seedlings from this pot!
I made about 7 holes and put approximately 5 seeds in each hole when I first planted the bucket. I was told the each beet seed is actually a cluster of seeds.  I stuck a metal ruler deep into the soil to pop up each cluster of seedlings and had to pull them apart.  I heard the occasional snap of roots breaking during this.

Tallest seedling was about 3".  Longest roots 6".
35 beets transfered, we'll see how many survive.
They are planted with just enough room for the roots to develop, but I will be stealing leaves continuously.  We'll see how they do...

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  1. Very nice. I hope they taste as good as they look.