Friday, June 24, 2011

Harvest Update!

Here are a few photos of what we have been collecting of the last few weeks. We LOVE eating the fresh and tasty vegetables.

Yellow, Purple and Green Bush beans. We get a good size harvest every week. These are a hearty and bountiful plant that we would highly recommend.

Summer Squash. We get about 1 a day. Our favorite way to have them right now is to slice them, brush them with EVOO, season them with a few spices and throw them on the grill. I will be experimenting with stuffed Zucchini in a few days.  

The last of our winter lettuce. We have planted some summer varieties and excited to give them a try.

Okra. We tried fried okra for the first time last night and it was very good(thanks, aunt Kathy).

Lemon Cucumber, odd looking but very tasty!

Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon, doing really good so far.

Fresno Chili Peppers.

Black Beauty Egg plant. We are still waiting to harvest our first one.

Sungold tomatoes, by far our favorite thing in the garden. Only a few have made it into the house not because of the quantity but because they are soooo good!

Strawberries. We only get a few a day, we wished we had planted more but they do make a good snack for the girls.

6.5 ft trellis will disappear soon behind the tomatoes and cucumber plant(s).

Winter Squash; 2 Butternut and a Salmon River. A bush bean a 2 Thai Chillies for fun.

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