Monday, April 25, 2011

Dana's Gopher-Proof Garden Expansion

Dana's new garden boxes. A 3'x8', 4'x8', and a 4'x4'x"n" triangle

The metal screen material is called hardware clothe.
It is stapled to the bottom of all 3 new garden boxes.

Not enough soil to fill the 4'x8'.

Just 7" deep for now.

He's proud of his strawberry corner.

He didn't waste any time getting some plants in there.

Lettuce and spinach started from seed.


I laughed when Dana described how a gopher was sucking his plants underground. Its not funny, but it is. I just think that it would be funny to see your plants wiggle around and start sinking into the ground.

The metal needed to protect his new garden cost around $60.

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