Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oops. Didn't read the seed packet.

Well, I didn't read the entire seed packet before planting my Sugar Snap Peas.  I planted them in the middle of my garden block and was getting ready to plant some more when I realized... 4 to 6 feet tall & needs to be trellised(supported).  How the heck am I gonna do that?  It took me a few days to come up with this design... It's experimental, we'll see how it does.  It is made from a 30" tall fence stood on it's end, and then bent at 90 degrees in 3 places.  There are 3 stakes(1 wood, 2 rebar) that will hopefully keep it from falling over.

The are over 8" tall now. They grew 6" in a week.

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