Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some more veggie containers.

I have asked a couple friends for buckets to use to experiment with container gardening and I have been planting things every few days.  I have been planting more salad type veggies(although everything I planted can go in a salad) like lettuce, spinach, and arugula.  I know that it's a little late in the season for some stuff, but it's kinda fun to try it anyway.  Maybe I'll get to eat some before they freeze and die.  Here are some of my containers. From the left, first pot has 5 Lettuce, second has 6 Spinach, third 1 Cauliflower, fourth 1 Broccoli, fifth in orange pot is the 2 Cheddar Cauliflower.

October 7, 2010

October 17, 2010
Check the sprouts after just 10 days! You can see where the seeds are planted in these pots, and in the garden because I dig a hole for the seed, put in some vermiculite, then the seed, then some more vermiculite.  I was told to do this in the book I read and it has been working great.  Vermiculite is a strange flaky mineral that is very good at holding moisture, but plants are able to suck it out.  Put plainly, it helps keep the seeds moist.  I also read that I should just plant one seed, probably because the vermiculite works so well, but I planted 2 or 3 seeds in each hole.  It can take up to two weeks for some of my seeds to germinate so if I plant one per hole, I wait for two weeks, and nothing grows... then I have to re seed and I've lost two weeks of growing season, and two weeks longer to get to eat it.  So, I plant at least two seeds and thin(cut weaker, or extra sprouts) them out once they get a good start.  This also serves as a little insurance against cutworms.  Sometimes they will eat one or two of the sprouts and leave 1 alive.

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