Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wow! They were right. Home grown salad does taste better.

We came home from Yosemite today and it seemed like my garden grew a lot in the last three days.  My tallest sugar snap pea is now at 32", and the shortest is at about 3".  The short one sprouted late and it seems like a dwarf version of all the others. 

My oh my have you grown... 10/24/10
I looked at the lettuce and thought it looked ready to eat, so I started gathering it.  I cut a near mature leaf from each of my lettuce, arugula, and spinach.  Kim and I were excited to finally harvest something from the garden and eat it.  I was really interested in the arugula because it is described as having an "oily peanut buttery" taste and it gets spicy as it gets more mature.  That was a very accurate description, it has a lot more flavor than the stuff that comes in the bags at the store.  It feels good to get something back from the work that was put into the garden.  In the future(maybe spring), I want to dedicate more squares to salad greens.  I am still waiting for the beets to get a little more mature to use their leaves.  I harvested enough to make two small salads for Kim and I.

Lettuce Harvest 10/24/10

Red Lettuce, Nevada Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula

Two small bowls of delicious crisp salad.
 Oh, I bought the Red Lettuce a week ago and planted one in each empty garden square and two plants in two buckets.  They were decent sized plants when I bought them.  I wanted to buy something that I could eat before it freezes and dies.

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